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Seismic instruments and electric equipment from NTK «Diogen» - development and production Seismic instruments Russian

Digital seismological station

Seismological station «Diogen-X/24S» (further, a seismic station) is intended for registration of natural and technogenic earthquakes, and also for an estimation and registration of vibrations of a surface of the ground with very small amplitudes by known techniques. The station works in following typical modes: continuous record, continuous record with installation of the stipulated threshold values of fluctuations, records on a command of the internal digital time timer (installation of intervals by the operator), continuous record, but with a tentative estimation (the set criterion) registered fluctuations and record on the carrier from buffer memory of concrete event. Presence of the modern built in computer (micro-PC) allows to realize management and all functions of a seismic station by means of the modern software in WIN PC Prof environment. And to take advantage of all network appendices, including local networks, Ethernet 10/100, an opportunity of work with a seismic station as with the removed computer. Time synchronization at record of signals is made by means of the built in GPS-receiver, in addition - definition of coordinates. Onboard micro-PC it is equipped by all standard interfaces which are on the forward panel of a seismic station (face in a variant «S-box» - the special case and on the forward panel at use of standard cast plastic cases with protection IP67-manufacture - Germany). It allows the operator to work as a seismic station in dialogue (in conditions of a room or in the special protected shelter) a mode at connection LCD of the monitor, the keyboard, "mousy", the printer and other peripheral devices. Duration of record of signals depends on number of channels of a seismic station, a choice of criterion of record and capacity of a hard disk. In case of work with it{her} as with the removed computer and communications{connections}, for example, on channel Ethernet, duration depends on parameter of the central computer. The number of channels of a seismic station can be chosen according to two numbers{lines} multiple 2 or 3 : 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24 (channels) or 3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24 (channels). Certainly, dimensions, weight, a current consumption of a seismic station will vary. Besides micro-PC seismic stations and the design of its{her} amplifiers, the analog-digital block allow the operator to work with a seismic station in an engineering mode with the expanded frequency range. For this purpose it is enough to load the corresponding{meeting} software. Work through a satellite communication, association in local networks some devices with an output on the satellite modem ("plate") is possible. The station can work in an independent mode from the battery of accumulators or in the buffer from a network (or from the additional external accumulator). In addition, delivery of the solar photo-electric battery (the photo-electric module) for a feed of a seismic station and charging its accumulators, including the special charging device (controller) is possible.

Brief technical parameters:

Parameter Value
Range of registered frequencies from units of 0 hertz up to 125 Hz (or, on demand - up to 250 Hz)
Dynamic range of registration 120 dB
word length of analog-digital transformation 24 binary categories
Frequency of digitization is set by the operator of station, minimal time of digitization 2-5-10 ms
Presence of the control of work of channels yes
channel capacity of registration 2 or 3 in the minimal variant
Entrance resistance of channels 1 ÷ 10 KΩ
The processor micro-PC 1,6 GHz / RAM 1024 Mb
Store HDD up to 200 Gb (onboard)
Presence of standard interfaces IBM yes
The case «S-box» or plastic «small suitcase»
Working temperature -20 ÷ +55 degrees of Celsius (the temperature range can be expanded downwards)
Choice of an operating conditions of station By means of standard keyboards and «mouse»
Time of continuous work from the complete set of accumulators of station Is defined by number of channels, criterion of record, capacity of a hard disk, an operating mode, really, from 10 day and more in a continuous mode of record
Dimensions seismic station - case «S-box», metal (2 or 3 channels) 300×120×120 mm
Dimensions of a seismic station – the case cast plastic in the form of «small suitcase» (2 or 3 channels) 305×270×144 mm
Weight in case «S-box» About 2 kg, (without the storage battery)
Weight in the case «small suitcase» About 4 kg, (without the storage battery)
Connection of a cable for geophones in the length up to 1000 m yes
The accumulator 12Â, power consumption - up to 4 ÷ 6 W
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