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Water-measured post WM-XX

Water-measured post WM-XX


Water-measured post WM- is intended for monitoring a water level in water basins (at hydroelectric power stations), water memory tanks, lakes, the rivers, channels, engineering-geological chinks.

Application area

Definition of water levels with an opportunity if it is necessary, the constant automatic amendment on change of atmospheric pressure by means of the additional barometric gauge of atmospheric pressure. An opportunity of conducting mobile time and stationary regime measurements. Presence of the micro-computer in the measuring block of water-measured post WM- allows to set periodicity of readout, simultaneously with each value of a water level to write down time and date. If necessary the operator can «pump over» obtained data in (notebook).

Brief technical parameters:

Range of measured levels0÷100 m
The minimal interval of time between readout1s 12h
Error of measurement (it is defined by the gauge)0.35%
Time of continuous work from the internal accumulator1 month (can be increased
On demand of the Customer)
Capacity of solid-state memory8000 readout (can be increased
On demand of the Customer)
Built-in chargeryes
Interface USB1.0
Dimensions of the measuring block195×150×45 mm
WeightAbout 1.0 Kg

As the gauge of depth the active gauge of pressure with an output on a current of firm « BDSensorsl « of series LMP is used. A cable with a hollow vein for indemnification of change of atmospheric pressure, demountable connection of the gauge with a cable. Individual adjustment of a range on demand of the customer, for example: 0?55 m of waters. Item the Class of protection IP 68, diameter of 35 mm. The gauge is brought in the State registry under 23574-05.

LCD the indicator 162 WM- displays the current information on a level, date and time. All measurements are made in an automatic mode. Correction of time, date and of some parameter is made by means of built in 44 push-button keyboard.

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