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The portable electroprospecting device
For operative work on a direct current with the built in computer

The portable electroprospecting device<br>For operative work on a direct current with the built in computer «ELECTROTEST - R»

The electroprospecting device working (only) with the built in computer on a direct current is intended for operative carrying out of engineering-geological researches, detection and procaking of underground industrial networks, revealing of a site of underground constructions and archeologic objects. Small dimensions and weight allow to work in difficultly accessible places, and high enough hardware accuracy measurements allows to use the device at the decision enough challenges.

The case of the device is executed from shock-resistant plastic (manufacture - Germany, a class of protection IP67). Management of the device is made by means of the keyboard and the switch of a target voltage of the generator. The seven-segment light-emitting diode indicator of red color works in a wide temperature range and its indications are well read at day time illumination. The device eats from built in accumulator (12V) and contains the built in network device-automatic device for charging the accumulator. If necessary, by means of a special regular cable it is possible to connect external accumulator (12V).


  • Definition of specific electric resistance of geoelectric cuts by a method of resistance with installations of profiling and sounding;
  • Engineering-geological researches on working platforms;
  • Definition of characteristics of the ground on their electric conductivity under the bases of buildings and constructions;
  • Measurement of resistance of grounding;
  • Measurement of wandering currents;
  • Work in a mode of a high-voltage source of a voltage of a direct current with step in 25V (up to 250V it is maximal), a measuring instrument is disconnected;
  • Detection and procaking of water and sewer highways, underground pipelines, power cables, lines of telephone and alarm communication, including a method of a charge;
  • Definition of a site of infringements of isolation of metal pipelines by registration of activity of corrosion processes;
  • Searches and allocation of archeologic objects.

Brief technical parameters:

Working frequencies of the equipment, Hz0;
Resolution of a measuring instrument, mV0.01;
Range of target currents of generators, m└0.5 ÷ 200;
Power, W15 ÷ 20
The measuring instrument defines parameter ρ, Ω, being the relation of values of an entrance voltage of a measuring instrument to a target current of the generator on working frequency and increased on factor of installation. 
Range of definition of parameter ρ, Ω within the limits ofUnits Ω ÷ 99,99 KΩ
The basic relative error of definition of parameter ρ no more, %no more - 2
The basic relative error of measurement of voltage on frequency of 0 Hz at amplitude of entrance signals not less than 10 mV no more, %2
Entrance active resistance of a measuring instrument, MΩ10
Suppression of handicapes with frequency of 50 Hz not less, dB82
Target voltage of the generator, not less, In250V
The built in memory provides record and storage of readout, not less.2047
Opportunity of record of factor of installation001,000 ÷ 999,999
Measurement of wandering currents, step-type behaviour of readout15 sec
Measurement of wandering currents, times of measurement:1 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, 40 min, 60 min
Working temperature range, hailstones. Celsiusfrom -20 to + 55
Voltage of a feed meal of the device, In12 V
Dimensions:216×180×102 mm
Weight:about 2.3 kg
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