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The portable low-frequency electroprospecting generator - «ELECTROTEST-GS»

The portable low-frequency electroprospecting generator - «ELECTROTEST-GS»

The low-frequency electroprospecting generator with the stabilized target current is intended for carrying out of engineering-geological researches, detection and procaking of underground industrial networks, revealing of a site of underground constructions and archeologic objects in pair with any convenient for application and working on frequency of the generator a measuring instrument.


  • Definition of specific electric resistance of geoelectric sections by a method of resistance with installations of profiling and sounding;
  • Engineering-geological researches on working platforms;
  • Definition of characteristics of the ground on their electric conductivity under the bases of buildings and constructions;
  • Detection and procaking of water and sewer highways, underground pipelines, power{force} cables, lines of telephone and alarm communication, including a method of a charge;
  • Definition of a site of infringements of isolation of metal pipelines by registration of activity of corrosion processes;
  • Searches and allocation of archeologic objects.

Brief parameters of the device:

target power of the generator20 W;
The-maximal target voltageup to 450V;
The-maximal target currentup to 200 mA at a target voltage in 100V;
The-form of a target currenttwo-polar «meander»;
The-worker frequency of the generator4.88 Hz with quartz stabilization of frequency;
efficiencynot less than 85%;
error of stabilization on active loading0.5÷1%;
duration of front of target impulses on active loading1.5 μsec;
range of working temperaturesfrom -20° to +55°C;
the-sound signal system of an output from a mode of stabilization of a target current and breakage in circuit AByes;
digital indication of a voltage of a accum.yes;
range Rab-upto 400 ÷ 450 whom at a current 1 mA;
A-feed12V (external or internal accumulators);
встроенное сетевое зарядное устройствоавтомат;
dimensions220×160×145 mm;
weightabout 3 kg (in view of weight of the built in accumulator).
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