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Seismic instruments and electric equipment from NTK «Diogen» - development and production Electrical exploration equipment Russian

OhmMapper Capacitively Coupled Resistivity System

Electrotest-2Rm  Resistivity System

Computer aided capacitor deice of resistance «Electrotest-RI» is intended for fast electrical profiling, and also can be used at sounding a cut for reception of representations about its geoelectrical characteristics. The equipment serves for the decision engineering of geological and geoecological tasks at depth of researches up to 30 meters.

The equipment can work with various lines - aerials, including capacitor, ensur-ing an opportunity of measurements from snow and ice covers, from a surface frozen of a ground, from an asphalt covering, and also on dry sand and dry clay fields.

Structure of a complete set of the equipment:

  • The block of the generator with the built - in source of the power supplies ensur-ing stabilized target current;
  • computerized the block device, allowing to remember fild dates of size of signals for a long-term storage and subsequent transfer in PC;
  • Complete set of reception and transmitting aerials.


  • Full dipole-dipole resistivity profile can be dane in fraction of the time taken for traditional resistivity measurement;
  • Operates over frozen grounds, ice, concrete, and other areas.

The basic characteristics:

Parameter Value

Working frequency

16550 Hz

Resolution device

0.1 μV

Target currents of the generator (peak)

1 mA, 3 mA, 10 mA, 30 mA

The maximal peak meaning of a target voltage of the generator, not less

400 V

Target capacity of the generator at a symmetric output, no more

10 pF

Range of entrance signals device

0.5 - 2*106 μV

Entrance impedance device at a symmetric input

C < 10 pF

Volume of stored readout, not less


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