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Electrotest-EIS-W - capacitively coupled resistivity meter

Electrotest-2Rm  Resistivity System

The equipment set consists of three devices: computerized generator, computerized meter and a tablet PC with a working program under WIN7. Operating frequency of the set - 16500 Hz

Computerized capacitance resistance meter (EIS) Electrotest EIS-W is designed for quick elektroproprivod, and can also be used in the sensing section (VES) with getting his ideas about the geoelectric characteristics. The equipment is used for solving engineering-geological and geoecological problems with the depth of research of up to 30 ?35 meters. Equipment "Electrotest-EIS-W" is the next generation of capacitive gauges resistance.

Hardware works with capacitive lines-dipoles, provides the ability to measure snow and ice covers, from the surface of frozen soil, asphalt pavement, and on dry Sands and rollers. Mode of measurements with manual or automatic marker coordinates using the built-in GPS receiver. The length of the capacitive lines-dipoles: 1.25 m, 2.5 m and 5 m.

The generator is designed for continuous operation at a current of 30 mA

The main difference from the electronic sensor is a high performance.

Brief description of the kit:

  • tablet PC with an operating program and operating system WIN7
  • built-in rechargeable batteries from the generator meter
  • built-in charging network devices - machines the generator and meter
  • included with generator and tester 4 comes dipole at 1.25 m, 4 dipole in 2.5 m and 4 dipole 5 m with end connectors
  • management of the generator and the meter is made with a tablet PC with built-in radio modems, operating at frequencies of 868 MHz or 916 MHz

Specification of the equipment set "Electrotest-EIS-W":


  • operating frequency 16500 Hz
  • output capacity: <= 10 pF
  • stable output current: 1, 3, 10 and 30 mA
  • output voltage: up to 600V
  • built-in microcontroller with LCD or LED character indicators indicator 16x2
  • built-in radio modem, the operating frequency of 868 MHz or 916 MHz
  • operating temperature range: - 40...+70°C
  • dimensions: HH mm
  • weight: ~3.2 kg (with built-in batteries)


  • operating frequency 16500 Hz
  • input capacity: <= 10 pF
  • input signal range: 0,5 mV to 2V
  • bandwidth: not more then 15 Hz
  • resolution of the meter: 0.1 mV
  • measurement accuracy: 1 - 2 %
  • built-in microcontroller with LCD or LED character indicators indicator 16x2
  • operating temperature range: - 40...+70C
  • dimensions: 305x270x144 mm
  • weight: ~2.7 kg (with internal batteries)

Tablet PC:

  • standard tablet with a screen size of 8 -10", radio modem with an operating frequency of 868 or 916 MHz
  • internal memory capacity (flash) - 64 GB, (the number of readings is determined by the total capacity of built-in and external flash drives PC)
  • record graphic, textual and digital data
  • time of continuous operation up to 6-8 hours depending on type PC (included extra battery)

More information.

Electrical equipment "Electrotest-EIS-W" (hereinafter equipment) can operate in two basic modes - first: running tablet computer (PC) and the second: in the event of a failure of the modem, the PC or the inability to use a modem connection, in manual mode, just as it does when working with equipment "Electrotest-EIS-3KM". To this end, the generator and the meter have built-in CPU units and a LCD or LED symbolic indicators (16x2). In the first and native mode using a PC, the operator receives all the information in the color graphics option with the required text and numeric messages. Displayed modes of the equipment, including the generator and batteries meter and the PC. In addition, written testimony built-in GPS receiver. The generator and the meter are mounted in housings in the form of molded plastic suitcases (protection IP 67). While working mainly in the first mode of the chassis covers the generator and the meter are closed.

According to the Customer generator and the meter can be equipped with two types of power sources:
- alkaline cylindrical batteries;
- rechargeable lithium batteries.

The use of certain types of batteries and their capacity depends on the operating conditions and intensity of work, as well as the necessary operating time of the generator and meter for continuous work in accordance with Customer requirements. Additionally, to charge these types of batteries, optional, can be attached solar panel with controller.

The dimensions of the housings of the generator and the meter may vary depending on the type of the used batteries. In the specification of the set of given size and weight when using standard alkaline cylindrical batteries. The dimensions of the housings of the generator and the meter when using lithium batteries: 246x215x122 mm, but in any case, mains charger-machines will be inside buildings.

In the case of work in severe climatic conditions, with low sub-zero positive or high temperatures can also supply a protected computer, (variants: "industrial" or "military"). On Customer's request can be supplied special types of lines-dipoles with correction of their length and mechanical properties.

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