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Electrotest-EIS-3KM - capacitively coupled resistivity meter

Electrotest-2Rm  Resistivity System

The device consists of transmitter and a receiver with the micro-processor controlled.

Frequency of a signal - 16550 Hz.

Electrotest-EIS-3KM measures the electrical properties of rock and soil.

Data collection is many times faster than systems with application of electrodes.

Within last 6 years it is made and sold to customers about 120 devices of this series.


  • Full dipole-dipole resistivity profiling
  • Measurements on frozen ground, ice, concrete, and other areas where grounded dipole measurements are difficult to make
  • Mode of automatic measurement with the set time intervals
  • Interface: USB
  • Internal storage batteries in transmitter and receiver
  • Internal chargers for the transmitter and for the receiver
  • In the complete set to the transmitter and the receiver are delivered 4 dipole cables

Electrotest-EIS-3KM specifications:

Operating principle: constant-current capacitively-coupled, dipole-dipole resistivity

Transmitter specifications:

Frequency under 16550 Hz
Output capacity of the transmitter: ≤ 10 pF
Output current: 1,0; 3,0; 10,0; 30,0 m?
Output voltage: 600 V
Dimensions: 270x130x270 mm
Weight: ≈ 1,7 kG (with the internal battery)

Receiver Specifications:

Dipole lengths: 1,5; 2,0; 5,0 m
Input Specifications: C ≤ 10 pF
Input Voltage Range: 0.5 - 2*106 μV
Measured Voltage Accuracy: 1..2%
Input Voltage Range 0 - 2 V RMS
Memory Capacity: 2048 (or 4096) readings
Micro-processor controlled and LCD 16x2
The keyboard 4x4
Interface: USB
Dimensions: 270×130×270 mm (transmitter)
Dimensions: 270×130×270 mm (receiver)
Weight: ≈ 1,7 kG (with the internal battery- transmitter)
Weight: ≈ 1,7 kG (with the internal battery- receiver)
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