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"Electrotest-2RM / bt-m" is a portable computerized device for measuring DC and AC currents.

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version v1. 7

The "Electrotest-2RM/bt-m" equipment (hereinafter referred to as Electrotest-2RM) is intended primarily for electric exploration using probing (PROBE), electric profiling (EP), and natural field (EP) methods, as well as for determining the intensity of stray currents (BT).

The main field of application of the equipment is the study of a geoelectric section for solving various geological, engineering-geological, hydrogeological and archaeological search and mapping problems with a depth of research of tens of meters.

Electrotest-2RM can also be used to solve a number of engineering and technical problems such as:

  • searching and tracing underground reservoirs;
  • determining the location of insulation violations of metal pipelines;
  • measuring the resistance of earthing devices.

The small size and weight of the equipment, the generator and meter of which are located in a single housing, allow you to use it in hard-to-reach places.

Computerized control of measurement processes in different modes, the ability to record measurement results in real time non-volatile memory (RAM) with subsequent transfer of the recorded data to a computer-all this ensures prompt field measurements and in-house processing of their results.

When working with the PROBE and EP methods, automatic compensation of the EMF polarization of the receiving line electrodes is provided, as well as calculation and indication of the apparent electrical resistivity (ESR).

Electrotest-2RM is equipped with a two-channel potential difference meter. This allows for simultaneous measurements of the potential difference taken from the receiving line and the current in the supply line with the PROBE and EP. With EP and B, simultaneous measurement of the potential difference from two receiving lines is provided. As for BT, the measurements are performed in accordance with the requirements of GOST 9.602-2005 with automatic recording of results in RAM.

The operation of the electric Test 2Rm is controlled using a keyboard, and the information required for the operator is displayed on a liquid crystal display (LCD), which has 4 lines of 20 characters. Depending on the type of work on the LCD, various sets of parameters can be output, including:

  • coefficient of the measuring unit in meters (K);
  • potential difference in mV (U);
  • current in mA (J);
  • CUES in Ohm*m (RA);
  • the current address number for recording information in RAM (N).
  • current number of the measurement point (PC).
  • battery voltage in Volts.

The device "Elektrotest-2RM / bt-m" is supplied in two versions of the housing: Fig. 1 and Fig.2. Additionally, the device "Electrotesit-2RM / bt-m" can work together with a 32-channel measuring unit (Fig. 3), which is used in the device "Electrotest-32rm/bt".

Main technical characteristics:

1. types of work Electrotest 2Rm:
1.1. probing - "Probe" mode;
1.2. electric profiling - "EP" mode;
1.3. natural field measurement, two-channel version-"EP-2" mode;
1.4. measurement of stray currents, two-channel version-mode " BT-2;
1.5. natural field measurement, single-channel version-"EP-1" mode;
1.6. measurement of stray currents, single-channel version - mode "BT-1".
2. the limits of voltage measurement by a two-channel meter - from 0.001 mV to 2000 mV.
3. The input impedance of the meter not less than 100 MW.
4. measurement Limits of the generator output current from 0.001 mA to 400 mA.
5. The error of measurement of voltage and current 2%.
6. Limits of measurement of apparent resistance from 0.01 (0, 01E0) to 9.99*109 (9, 99E9) Om*m.
7. the Range of input installation coefficients from 1.00 (1, 00E0) to 9.99*109 (9,99E9) m.
8. The generator output voltage is set from the range:
  • 25 V, 50 V, 100 V, 200 V at a supply voltage of 12.6 V, the generator output when powered by internal battery up to 25-30 watts when powered from an external battery to 40-45 watts;
  • 50 V, 100 V, 200 V, 400 V with an external supply voltage of 25.2 V.
9. The maximum output power of the generator at an output voltage of 400 V is not less than 120-160 watts.
10. Output frequency range of generator: constant current; and 0.61 Hz to 1.22 Hz; Hz 2,44; 4,88 Hz; 9,76 Hz; of 19.52 Hz; from 39.04 Hz.
11. the Amount of non-volatile memory, the number of entries-1023;
12. The ability to view the measurement results, Yes.
13. The ability to transfer data to the computer Yes.
14. Communication with the computer-Bluetooth.
15. protection against reverse polarity of external power supply-Yes.
16. Protection against short circuit of output terminals of the generator, Yes.
17. overall dimensions of the device-235x200x180 mm in the form of a "suitcase",
weight with helium lead batteries-4.2 kg-Fig. 2,
built-in network charger-automatic;
18. overall dimensions of the device-224x106x40 mm, weight with LiIon batteries-1.5 kg-Fig. 1, external network device-automatic.
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