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«Diogen-48/32» two - regime seismograph (New)

Powerful yet portable - all you need in one case

The «Diogen-48/32» can be applied as one of seismic modules of system and it`s successfully used for refraction or reflection, downhole or VSP, earthquake monitoring.


  • Universal seismograph: engineering researches, depth to bedrock, hydrologic investigations
  • Reflection
  • Refraction
  • Sub-bottom profiling with use of special pulse sources
  • Earthquake monitoring synchronizes with GPS clock
  • Interface - WiFi (notebook, PC)
  • Testing bad geophones, cables (built-in)
  • Built-in test oscillator
  • The program analyzer of a spectrum of the written down signals

«Diogen-48/32» specifications:

A/D Conversion32 bit (sigma-delta converters)
Dynamic Range 130 dB
Bandwidth0 ÷ 450 Hz
Maximum Input Signal± 2,5V (VPP)
Gain1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 dB
Input impedance1 ÷ 10 kΩ
Distortion0,0005 %
Noise (in a strip of frequencies 0.125 Hz)0,08 µV
Additional modesDigital filtration, the analysis of a spectrum of signals
Sample Interval0,25; 0,5; 1,0; 2,0; 5,0 ms (the engineering mode)
Sample Interval1,0; 5,0; 10 ms (the seismological mode)
Record length100 up to 64000 (the engineering mode)
Delay0 ÷ 9999 ms in 1 ms steps
Line testingReal time noise monitor displays, real-time output from geophones
TriggeringPositive, negative impulse/contact closure, piezoelement, geophone.
Regimes: sinhroline or radiostart. Modem: 868 or 915 mHz. Distance between the transmitter (hammer) and a seismograph - 300 meters.
InterfaceWiFi (IEEE 802.11n, 150 Mbps). Distance between a seismograph and PC - 300 meters.
Preliminary processing of signalsDigital filtration, presence of the analyzer of a spectrum, noise monitor.
Earthquake MonitoringSynchronizes with GPS clock, (the seismological mode).
Data formatSEG-Y, (the engineering mode)
PowerRequires 12V external battery, 12V/1,2A
Operating Temperature-20°C to +55°C ambient
Operating SystemWindows 7/8 (32 or 64 bit)
Dimensions of the seismograph300x230x90 mm
Weight of the seismograph≈4 kG
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